GTxcel for Broadcast

Always evolving. Broadcast focused.

The Platform

The GTxcel for Broadcast Platform empowers your teams to create, integrate, and deliver compelling multi-platform content.

Working With Us

The GTxcel for Broadcast Teams have decades of experience with Broadcasters. We understand your day-to-day business and are focused on empowering your teams to make your digital strategy a reality.


GTxcel for Broadcast ad capabilities give you the tools to make your content profitable with mobile-friendly DFP integrations and support across all devices and platforms.

GTxcel delivers over 2 billion page views every month.

What Makes GTxcel Special?

The GTxcel for Broadcast teams, including product, development, support, and training, are focused on creating the best solutions for broadcasters’ newsrooms, sales teams and digital leaders.

We have leadership with deep roots in the local TV world. We speak your language and understand what drives you.

Lets review your current solution and show how we can improve your digital workflow and save you money.