Your Inventory. Your Revenue.

DFP Support

You call the shots with how you manage your inventory. GTxcel is here to help with DFP and CMS expertise.  The GTxcel Ad Team can traffic all your ads, you can do it yourself, or anywhere in between.

Creative Assistance

GTxcel offers responsive DFP templates that change size to fit any device, as well as integrations with all the major creative and backfill players, including,, and OpsCo.

Expanded Reach

The GTxcel platform and its features are developed with integrated DFP ad units and monetization opportunities that allow you to maximize content views on every device. From interstitials to gallery ads to article monetization, our Product Team is focused on how you sell your content.

“I continue to have great experience after great experience with GTxcel’s ad operations team. Thanks a million!”

– Cassandra Westphalen, Account Executive, KDLT News

What Makes GTxcel Special?

DFP On All Platforms

Ads on the app, videos, and desktop and mobile web are all served via DFP to keep your workflow simple and streamlined.

Responsive Ad Units

Ad units deliver the appropriate-sized ad for each device using one ad slot. One line item, with one target, can deliver everywhere.

Built-In Dynamic Ad Positions

GTxcel for Broadcast features are maximized for ad revenue. Gallery ad interstitials, in-article ads, app interstitials – our features give you the options you need.

Rich Keyword & Section Targeting

The GTxcel Ad plugin creates ad units dynamically with ad paths that give you up to five layers of section targeting (on DFP Premium) as well as robust keyword targeting for custom packages and groupings.