The Rayos Platform

Always Evolving. Broadcast Focused.

Reliable. Fast. Secure.

GTxcel’s architecture is ready for big traffic days. With auto scaling and Amazon’s Cloudfront CDN as well as continuous monitoring and alerting of any performance issues, rest assured that your site will be up and running day and night.


Built with a “Create Once, Publish Anywhere” philosophy, the GTxcel architecture is designed to seamlessly publish to the website, app, and other content platforms at the same time, offering maximum flexibility to share and monetize your content on any platform you choose.


GTxcel’s Rayos Platform unifies our features with the best breeds of technology, including the WordPress CMS and Amazon hosting. This allows content to be easily distributed and other technology to be easily integrated. From video and wire content to weather and school closings, GTxcel has it covered. 

“You need to have a responsive site built for all devices. Mobile is the top priority, and that’s what GTxcel does.”

– Caryn Little, Digital Content Director, WCCB-TV

What Makes GTxcel’s Rayos Platform Special?

The Quixa App

Automatically publish content and send breaking news alerts to the QUIXA App via the same interface as the web.

The Teyo Delivery Engine

Share your content and advertising with any platform, including Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Alexa, and Facebook Instant Articles using the Teyo Delivery Engine.

Broadcast Partners

GTxcel’s Rayos Platform integrates with the big players in the Broadcast TV universe, including The Weather Company, BTI, JW Player, and Livestream.

Mobile First

With a “mobile first” approach to design and product development, GTxcel’s Rayos Platform allows you to easily create responsive webpages within a drag-and-drop interface.

Broadcast-Centered Design

The GTxcel Product Development Team is focused on Broadcasters. From editors writing stories in the newsroom to ad traffickers and page builders, we focus every day on the things that matter to you.