Working With Us

Create. Go Fast. Dream Big.


The GTxcel Support Team is energized, knowledgeable, and dedicated. We provide 24/7 responses for all our platforms and regular touchpoints with a designated support specialist to assure smooth sailing for all your requests and projects.


The GTxcel Academy Team maintains a robust knowledge base on all features and offers regular webinars on new features, common tasks, and best practices.

Custom Solutions

Got big ideas? The CASE Team (Custom Assistance for Solutions and Expertise) can help your ideas come to life. From custom development and plugin research to SEO consultations and design advice, GTxcel’s experts are ready to help your ideas become reality.

“As we transferred from our previous software provider, GTxcel’s staff was able to tackle difficult challenges and provide training that was easy to understand. We really enjoy our scheduled conferences to discuss new updates and tools for broadcast news in an ever-evolving medium.”

– Manda Barger, Evolving Media & Content Manager, WPSDLocal6

What Makes GTxcel Special?


The GTxcel Broadcast Teams are lead by digital leaders who have worked in the Broadcast industry for decades. From our frontline support staff to our trainers and experts, we speak your language.

Regular Opportunities For Feedback

The GTxcel Product Team takes your feedback seriously.  From ad traffickers to page builders and editors, we meet with our customers on a regular basis to determine what’s important and what could help them work faster and better.

Simplified Onboarding

Thinking of joining us? The GTxcel Onboarding Team has worked with hundreds of Broadcasters and Publishers over the years. We have developed a process that gives you flexibility while keeping clear focus on meeting your launch goals. Designers, trainers, technical experts, and DFP ad traffickers: The whole team works to make onboarding easy.